Dropbox Networking In The Wild

Well, I’m committed. This week, I need to build and deploy Dropbox networking for real.

While I think the most bullet-proof system is going to be using SuperContainer from 360Works in conjunction with Pop3It from CNS Plugins. But, seeing as this is a rush version 1 job, I don’t have time to contact the IT department to figure out how best to host SuperContainer on their web server, test the setup, blah, blah, blah.

There is more functionality available when using SuperContainer, especially with handling images, which I don’t have to do with this project…yet. When its time to handle images, I don’t see a way around SuperContainer, unless my robot machine is a Mac, and I can use AppleScript to get the public link from Dropbox (I have no clue if that’s even possible).

Here’s the truth: Dropbox is easy. And quick. And painless. And it’s on every machine you can add a folder to. And its free.

So here’s my test scenario:

  1. Designate a machine at the client’s office to act as an email receiving robot. This machine will have access to the main database that the Go version needs to communicate with. It will also have access to Dropbox.
  2. Build the request system for the Go product. (This means maintaining a log on both the office and Go versions of the software.)
  3. Build the receive system on the office machine. This will use Pop3It to receive email directly into FileMaker from the Go app, if the app isn’t in house.
  4. Build the processing system. Go will send in its edits via email, and get back any relevant data that has changed since the last check. This will be done by substituting text in an HTML page hosted by Dropbox in the Public folder. There will be one HTML page per user in Dropbox, so as not to cross traffic.
  5. Back in our Go app, a web viewer will display the HTML page being hosted by Dropbox. The body will only consist of the returned records. Go will then parse the records out, updating, adding, and deleting as necessary.

What could possibly go wrong?  ;o)

I will do my best to document every breath I take, every move I make, every bond I break, and every step I take. Hopefully by the time this is over, someone else out there will be able to duplicate and confirm this setup.

Otherwise, I’ll be sending out an S.O.S.!

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1 Response to Dropbox Networking In The Wild

  1. leonstafford says:

    Good luck! I may be interested to.. borrow.. pieces of this 😉

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