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FileMaker And HTML Interaction Without PHP Or Plugins

Today’s Nifty Treat …is interactive HTML layouts with no plugins and no PHP. Here’s a movie showing what I mean. Watch how the words “HTML” change to “BOOM”: This means we can post any type of data to a page, … Continue reading

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Of Steve Jobs And Business Models

Godwin’s Law States: “As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches 1.” I like this quote from wikipedia about it: “Godwin’s law is often cited in online discussions as a deterrent against … Continue reading

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FileMaker Pro™ Runtime Thin Client Using Dropbox

While having a conversation with Kirk Bowman et al at MightyData about fastest WAN practices for FileMaker, I had an idea. The idea came about as Kirk was describing how FileMaker was record-centric. One point being discussed was how a … Continue reading

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New Thoughts, New Blog

I’m starting this blog for three reasons: 1. To talk about (and link to) tech options for small businesses 2. To talk about Filemaker Pro™ development techniques that I use, like, or am pondering 3. To inform those in my … Continue reading

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Steve: To Infinity, And Beyond

I’m still shocked and saddened at the passing of Steve Jobs. I suppose I had been thinking that he would have a few more years – that sometime in the future, news of his degrading health would be reported here … Continue reading

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