Modal Conditional Formating

I ran into this problem today, and decided to fix it. In the image below, notice the navigational arrows on the far right side?That black gradient is an image inside a container. When I go into layout mode with “Show>>Sample Data” turned off, this is what I see:

I typically like to show sample data in layout mode unless I know that’s going to be a problem, say, over a slow network or something. But in this case, I’m working with ample data off, and I’d like to see the text there.

I decided to change the text to black, and then use conditional formating to make it white in layout mode:I’m using the function Get ( WindowMode ) to toggle the color change, where mode 0 = browse, and mode 4 = layout (when see from the data viewer in FileMaker Pro Advanced). I simply check to see if it’s 0, and if it is, make the text white.

Here’s the result in layout:

This just seemed like it could be one of those little overlooked but highly useful things for ¬†somebody out there today…

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