Getting A List Of Fields From XML

I wrote this custom function for extracting a list of fields from a given node of XML. Tell the function which node you want to look at, what character in that XML to start at, and the enclosing node tag, and it extracts all of the fields for you in a tab-delimited list:

The explanation.

The reason I built this was because I found myself needing to loop through the fields of an XML node without knowing beforehand what the specific XML structure was within the node I was interested in.

To download the actual text of this function, click here.

UPDATE 4/17/12 11:35 am – I found an error in the code and have reposted both the image and file with corrected code.

UPDATE 2: 4/20/12 7:10pm – I ran into an out of memory scenario with the updated code. So…third time’s a charm! New code posted.

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